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What Does It Cost To Get A Stair Lift Installed

There are many aspects to a stair lift that will affect the final price; each person’s needs and requirements are unique, and some staircases are too. We hope our stair lift price guide gives you an insight into the cost of a stairlift in Ireland and the options available. A crucial point to remember when comparing stairlift prices is that the price alone should not be the deciding factor when making your decision.

The price depends on the stairlift that meets your needs. Each stairlift is different, because each home is different. No two staircases are the same, nor are the people who want to use them. We make a stairlift that is perfectly matched to your needs and your house.

Type Of Staircase

Some of these factors are your choice, others depend on your house and your stairs. Either way, our specialist advisers are happy to walk you through all your options and tell you the price of the perfect stairlift for you. What’s the best fit for your house? What suits your specific needs? What’s the perfect lift to give you back the independence you thought you’d lost?

The great thing about straight stairlifts is that there’s a much better price guide when compared to more complex “curved” type stair lifts. Whilst straight stairlift prices can be much easier to predict, we’ve gotten into some more details below to lay things out in the easiest form.


The cost of the stairlifts depends on the stairlift that you need. Every home is different, and every stairlift is different. Our stairlift specialists are happy to go through the options with you and tell you the price as you may have a budget. Our prices are very competitive and all our reconditioned stairlifts come with a two-year warranty.

The stairlift price will increase if the stairlift is equipped with additional features. Some have powered swivel seats, others have hinged tracks. Do you require a linked footrest? If the stairs are very long, additional track may be required. The final cost will therefore reflect the additional features you require. Each client requires an assessment at the time of survey. From there an exact quotation can be given.

Curved or Straight Stair lift

These fit most staircases, straight, curved or even spiral. When installed on the inside stairway path, your stairs remain accessible for your family and friends. You can save extra space at the top and bottom of the stairs with a parking bend; the chair is parked around the corner, out of the way.

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